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The Practice of Shifting Perspective

We look for meaning everywhere; it’s our unique capacity as human beings. It is so innate to who we are that we exercise this capacity unconsciously with very negative consequences like false beliefs, intransigence, broken relationships, and worse.

Adopting practices that force you to recognize your perspective and seek the value in different or even paradoxical perspectives is essential to your personal development and the cultivation of strong and rewarding relationships. When you try on another perspective, when you see the world through someone else’s eyes; the result is “Wow!”

Why we hate to commit, and why we must

Why we hate to commit, and why we must

Most people hate to commit.

No, it’s not just guys in relationship and marriage.

The average person hates to be pinned down by a promise and that’s why the willingness to obligate to another person is THE differentiator of professionals.

But what accounts for this unwillingness to commit? Why does making commitments seem as unappealing as a rectal exam by the Incredible Hulk?

Well it’s because most people want to maintain their freedom, and …

Commitment = Loss of Freedom

Freedom to choose that is.

The minute you choose, you commit to a certain experience, and other possible experiences close; your space for action is now directed to the successful completion of the course you have committed to. You must now give up pursuing other… Continue reading

Relationship lessons from Soap Operas

Relationship lessons from Soap Operas

TV soap operas are addictive because most people can’t resist being on the inside of people’s lives, knowing their dirty laundry and having someone—an arch villain to hate.  We somehow can’t pull ourselves away from watching a totally avoidable and needless drama unfold. One person does something, says something, or maybe doesn’t do or sayContinue Reading

Don’t repeat 2013

2014 is here.  Seems like it accelerated towards us like a peregrine falcon in full dive. Where did 2013 go and what really got done? I think your natural enthusiasm for 2014 may depend on how you answer that question. If 2013 fulfilled your expectations, or was part of your unfolding plan of ambition, youContinue Reading

We can all be like Madiba

It’s easy to talk about Mandela as if he were a secular saint.  He certainly would meet the minimum two miracle requirement for sainthood: He literally transformed, fear, hatred and vengeance into forgiveness and compassion.   Not exactly raising Lazarus, but trumps water into wine, don’t you think? For his second miracle, how about hisContinue Reading

A Murder in Paradise

It’s odd to think that someone could be murdered in a place called Trinidad. The name conjures peace love and paradise, but increasingly it is not. Here’s a two-year old story I penned about a murder that affected my family. I had not published it out of sensitivity for those affected. Three shots and noContinue Reading

Your power to choose

We couldn’t possibly remain conscious to every choice we have in any given minute, hour or day so we invent routines, rituals, traditions, standard practices and jobs to relieve us of the effort of continually making conscious choices. This is helpful but has one major drawback: namely, getting so used to our automatic-pilot default choices thatContinue Reading

Why are we called human … beings?

Why are we called human beings?   After all we don’t refer to any other creature on the planet as a being. We don’t say tiger beings, cockroach beings, or cow beings. It’s not even related to self-aware ‘beings’ because we don’t refer to dolphins or elephants or apes as beings. Googling the question isContinue Reading